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Monthly MIS & Management Reporting

Periodic reports give you an overview of your company's overall performance. With the help of the detailed MIS and financial dashboards that is provided by us on a monthly basis enables you to identify your company's strengths and weaknesses. You are also able to spot any errors and avoid a potential crisis well in advance. Since these reports reflect your business's revenue and expenses in actuality, it helps the business grow in the right direction.

operational support

Monthly Analysis Reports

These reports that are generated helps your team take the right business decisions, helps boost your business's performance and enables good governance! Not only that but it also helps improve investor confidence. Our team of experts can help analyse and generate in depth reports for your business. These reports are mainly (Sales, Profitability, Margin, Budget vs Actual, Cash Flow etc.)

Monitoring Cash Flow

It is very important to prepare week wise or month wise cash flow to have smooth opeations of receipts and payments of the company. This enables to plan expenses based on estimated receipts, borrow funds if required or invest money for short term to earn some interest.

Actual vs Budget Analysis

We help the company in implementing the budgeting system and also hand-hold the company's accounting team with generating monthly variance report for a cycle or two, until they are comfortable generating reports on their own. To simplify the process for the accounting staff we also provide exhaustive templates, with simple data input sheets, wherein they could feed their actual financials from their accounting software and generate detailed management dashboard.

India GAAP / IFRS Reporting

Continuous guidance and assistance in preparing financial suitable for reporting under Indian GAAP or IRFS or both

Accounting SOPs and Policies

Preparing detailed SOPs and writing down various important policies for the company is very crucial for smmoth running of the company. We assist in writing down SOPs for accounting and finance department and putting in place Company Policies having financial impact and also following good governance.

Internal Controls

Writing down policies and SOPs help understanding all processes and sub processes in each department / function and leads to implement Internal Control Frame work to monitor and avoid any miss doings by employees.

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